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  1. (Italiano) Pit Lane Competizioni fa doppietta nel TCR Italy in Francia
  2. (Italiano) Nicola Baldan vince in Francia e si rilancia in classifica
  3. Pit Lane Competizioni with four cars at Le Castellet
  4. (Italiano) Pit Lane Competizioni convince nella prima del TCR Italy a Imola
  5. (Italiano) Baldan esalta Imola e si prepara per il TCR Europe


A real racing thoroughbred. Born from the ten-years-experience of SEAT Sport in motorsport with an eye towards the future. An high end single-make trophy, thinked for those want to have a lot of fun and those are working to start a professional racing career: the SEAT Leon Cup with its 350 hp cars is today the main gateway to enter the TCR world. Due to this, the SEAT Leon Cup Italy will share the calendar with the Italian TCR series!

2017 Leon Cupra Cup Final Standings