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  1. Pit Lane Competizioni fa doppietta nel TCR Italy in Francia
  2. Nicola Baldan vince in Francia e si rilancia in classifica
  3. Poker d’assi per Pit Lane Competizioni nel TCR Europe
  4. Pit Lane Competizioni convince nella prima del TCR Italy a Imola
  5. Baldan esalta Imola e si prepara per il TCR Europe

TC Open

The TC Open is the european championship promoted by Jesus Pareja’s GT Sport. The series is open to 2 wheel drive cars powered by 2.0 L supercharged engines. The TC Open is hosted by the most beautiful and most famous tracks in Europe, such asĀ Spa, Monza and Barcelona during the same weekends of the International GT Open and Euroformula, offering to the fans each time an unique andĀ amazing racing weekend.


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